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2024 Summer Season


Welcome to our “podcast”. A toe-tapping, wiggle in your seat, sing along variety music show. A night of Indie Folk and NL inspired music with some laughs along the way. A night filled with music and all around good times.


A musical storytelling of a young newlywed couple. Will this young couple be able to overlook their differences? Or will this be the last road trip they ever go on together? Time will tell, and stories will unfold as we take a trip down the highway of music.

Bethel Park Falls.jpg

The residents of the small town of Bethel are facing a crisis - their community park is being sold out from under them. Bethel Park Falls draws a group of complex, fascinating, funny people together into one poignant story about the spaces where communities connect.

between friends.jpg

What happens between friends when a new person enters the scene? Is there a compromise? Can old friendships survive these new changes? And is the secret Sophie is hiding too much? A funny, moving portrait of reunion and growth that hits close to home.

Boot Troupe.jpg

The Seniors are at it Again! This season, the seniors celebrate an anniversary, get into dating apps, try out a gadget called Alexa, go on a road trip and try to play cards without menopause taking over. For a night of side splitting humour, come join them.

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