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The GBRT is proud to present NFLD Gold! Come join us for this fun filled musical extravaganza celebrating some of the greatest singers and songwriters this province has ever seen. From Simani to Great Big Sea to Buddy, A. Frank, & Joan Morrissey. Join the (INSERT NAME HERE) Band - along with our hosts Mr. OMG and his intrepid nephew Chucky - as they take you on a 50 year journey through the most memorable hit songs straight off of NFLD radio!  

Show Dates & Times:

Thursday, July 27th - 7pm

Wednesday, August 9th - 7pm

Wednesday, August 16th - 6pm (Dinner Performance)

Saturday, August 19th - 7pm 

Thursday, August 24th - 7pm



The world is coming to an end at exactly 4:44PM today, and no one has had any time to prepare. 8 Minutes follows the lives of people as they navigate their final moments on this Earth – from a couple with a bunker in their backyard who can’t quite figure out how to get in, to two elderly frenemies who fight over their favorite park bench, to a mother observing her children on a playground as she wonders what their lives would have become. This thoughtful and keenly observed play manages to find the intimate humor of humans in crisis. Prepare to laugh or maybe even need tissues.

Show Dates & Times:

Wednesday, July 26th - 6pm (Dinner Performance)

Wednesday, August 2nd - 7pm

Saturday, August 12th - 6pm (Dinner Performance)

Friday, August 18th - 7pm 

Tuesday, August 22nd - 6pm (Dinner Performance)

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The Known Soldier is a show, that follows the life of Sgt. Thomas Ricketts from Middle Arm, NFLD. From a boy in a small outport community to his winning the prestigious Victoria Cross in WWI (the youngest ever to do so) to his final days as a reclusive war hero in St. John's. Join us in the historic story telling of “The Known Soldier”. Lest we forget.

Show Dates & Times:

Friday, July 28th - 7pm

Friday, August 4th - 7pm

Tuesday, August 8th - 7pm

Friday, August 11th - 7pm

Tuesday, August 15th - 7pm

Friday, August 25th - 7pm


Ballad & Shanties & Tales To Tickle Your Fancy 

Long before there were iPhones or even radios, the people of outport NL would entertain themselves the best way they knew how. They'd gather in church halls and basements, or in parlours and kitchens to sing songs and enact stories they’d learned off by heart. Some of it had been passed down for generations, while some more of it was the pure invention of colourful locals. Come join our fabulous cast of singers and storytellers as they present an old time variety show exploring this rich and wonderful part of our cultural heritage. We guarantee this show will be anything but a stiff and starchy history lesson! 

Show Dates & Times:

Saturday, July 29th - 7pm
Tuesday, August 1st - 7pm
Thursday, August 10th - 7pm
Wednesday, August 23rd - 7pm

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